Monday, December 14, 2015

Week of December 14th and Holiday Party Updates...

Reading: 20 minutes each evening

Spelling: Monday - Friday

Sled Dogs and Red Hot Mustaches: Lesson 14 pgs. 82-87
Phantom Squirrels: Lesson 14 pgs. 70-73

Monday- Study Link 3-6
Tuesday-Study Link 3-7
Wednesday-Study Link 3-8
Thursday-Study Link 3-9
*****Keep practicing multiplication facts each evening!*******

Holiday Craft Celebration on December 23rd from 9:30-11:05

Design a Craft and Run the Station:
Blain's Mom and Grandfather: Reindeer
Lily Gordon's Mom-Button Tree Ornaments
Morgan's Father-
Catherine's Mom-Large Snowflake decorations
Aiden's Mom-
Hannah's Mom-

Design a craft to send in with example:
Maggie's family
Maya's family
Grace's family-Winter Hat decorations

Run a Station:
Kira's Mom
Sam's Mom

Please contact me if you would like to join us!  I will also have a hot chocolate/cider station where students will be given their Letter's of Kindness to read.

Happy Holidays!
Katie Pupino

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