Sunday, January 10, 2016

Math Test this Wednesday!

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend.  I will be reviewing    Unit 3 in class on Monday and Tuesday.  I am also including in this post the review sheet that I will be sending home tomorrow.  These are the concepts that we have learned over the past few weeks that will be assessed on Wednesday:

                     UNIT 3 REVIEW

Lesson 3-1 (Equal Sharing and Equivalence)
        * Three friends shared 4 chicken burritos equally. How many burritos
         did each friend get?

Lesson 3-2 (Fraction Circles and Equivalence)
         * Given a circle, divide it into 4 equal parts. Shade ¼
         * Name 3 fractions that are equal to ⅓
         * Name 3 fractions that are equal to ⅘
Lesson 3-3 (Number Lines and Equivalence)
         * Fill in fractions on a number line
         * Is ⅘ = ⅙?
         * ½ = how many sixths?

Lesson 3-4 (An Equivalent Fractions Rule)
         * If the numerator and the denominator of a fraction are multiplied
           by the same nonzero number, the result is a fraction that is
           equivalent to the original fraction.
         * Fill in missing fractions in a name collection box for a given fraction

Lesson 3-5 (Veggie Pizza)

Lesson 3-6 (Comparing Fractions)
          * Compare fractions by using a number line
          * Compare fractions using a benchmark such as ½ or 1
          * Use equivalent fractions to change fractions with different
            denominators to ones with the same denominators so they are
            easier to compare

Lesson 3-7 (Comparing and Ordering Fractions)
           * Write fractions in order from smallest to largest
           * Write fractions from smallest to largest using a number line

Lesson 3-8 (Modeling Tenths with Fraction Circles)
           * Use a visual model (circle) to show the following: 10 students
             shared 2 liters of fruit juice equally during morning snack. How
             much juice did each student get?
           * Write tenths of a fraction as a decimal (1/10 = 0.1)

Lesson 3-9 (Modeling Decimals with Base-10 Blocks)
           * What is a long? flat? cube?
           * If a long is the whole, then what is a cube?
           * Dollars-and-cents notation is similar to tenths and hundredths
           * 8/100 = 0.08             39/100 = 0.39           65/100 = 0.65

Lesson 3-10 (Tenths and Hundredths)
           * How can you use base-10 blocks to show that 0.4 does
             not equal 0.04?
           * 13 hundredths is how many tenths and how many
           * 7 hundredths is how many tenths and how many

Lesson 3-11 (Tenths and Hundredths of a Meter)
           * Measure a given line segment in centimeters and meters
           * 43 cm = 4 longs and 3 cubes = 0.43 m
           * 8 cm = 0 longs and 8 cubes = 0.08 m

Lesson 3-12 (Tenths of a Centimeter)
           * Measure a given line segment in centimeters and millimeters
           * 20.8 cm = 208 mm       9.3cm = 93 mm         0.4cm = 4 mm

Lesson 3-13 (Comparing Decimals)
          * Write a number sentence using the greater than, less than, or
             equal symbols to compare decimals
          * Mark decimals on a number line to show which decimal is larger  

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